Fic: girl, put your records on | Pitch Perfect, Beca/Jesse (1/1)

Title: girl, put your records on (1/1) (FFNET) (AO3)

Summary: Beca’s never really been anyone’s girlfriend before. It’s kind of freaking her out a little. Jesse/Beca, first half of sophomore year. Written as accompaniment to “i’m singing this song for you.”

Characters/Pairings: Beca Mitchell/Jesse Swanson, with some of the Bellas making small appearances.

Rating: PG-13, for language

Notes: If you’ve read my other fic, “i’m singing this song for you,” then this was written as a sort of continuation to that, picking up sometime after the ICCA finals at the end of their freshman year. (I don’t reference a lot to that fic, though, so it’s not necessary to read it beforehand).

(Also, I can’t stop writing about these two idiots. Why is this more than 10k words again, idek SEND HELP)