I think I’ve read every Olicity FanFic out there. seriously. I’ve reached the end of the internet. annnnnnnnd I want more. 


What are some of your faves?

I’m STUCK on Technical Assistance! It’s so damn good.


Welcome to the long-ass rec list, I’m Effie and I’ll be your cruise director today on the SS Olicity. 

Legacy by ash818. (See also: plus ca change)

the old familiar sting 

Eight Ways to Say I Love You by rosietwiggs. It’s actually a prerequisite to read all of her fic before entering the fandom (see also: Will That Be All, Mr. Queen? and These Lights That We Kindle [These Holy Lights.])

The Next Ten Times

If You Ask Me To Stay/I’ll Be Here In the Morning

whenever I’m alone with you (you make me feel like I am home again)

You and I (Wouldn’t Change a Thing) by some asshole who shall remain nameless

crash into me (at full speed) by everylastline

We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me) by notmydaughteryoubitch

say I love you when you’re not listening

Pink Drinks and Pick-Up Lines by freaoscanlin

all I have to give by andymcnope (full disclosure: this was my birthday present last year.)


We Might Be Hollow (But We’re Brave) (see also: Little Talks and Filled With Gold)

message in a bottle by allstartstofade

A few WIPs:

I Could Get Used to This, in which they are roommates and snarky banter ensues

Without a Trace by Hope, who Tumblr is trying to take away from me, grr

those three words (they’re not enough) by bluemoonfireworks

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but each of these stories and authors are, like our darling IT girl, insanely remarkable. I bow down. 

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nyclove3 replied to your text post

Bwahaha! *evil cackle* I regret nothing. Also there are so many similarities between O/F and J/A it’s crazy. I hope you catch up in time for Season 3 starting in October! :)

Ugh, I KNOW, I can’t unsee the parallels! Even the platonic shoulder thing is…

So I got into arrow via tumblr, because so many of the j/a people that I followed were posting these gifsets of this adoooorable blonde girl and super broody muscle guy (broody+adorable= my jam). And because of tumblr, I knew pretty much every spoiler before I ever watched an episode of the show. And honestly, I really liked watching the aforementioned gifsets come to life for the first time. I hope you feel the same way! And when you’re done, if you need any olicity fic recs I’m happy to share my favorite authors/fics (to return the favor).

I got into it mostly because of Tumblr too! And I just fell in love with their dynamic, and it definitely doesn’t hurt that there are so many J/A parallels I can’t unsee :3

omg yes please! I’ve already found a bunch of good ones—mostly multi-chapters so it’s talking me a while to read them all—but there are so many more to go through! If you could rec your favorites that would be awesome :D

Sorry for the super late reply, by the way, I’ve been swamped with work the past week D: But here’s the link to the Time Desk J/A fic I was telling you about last time! Time Desk + the sequel, Time Desk Returns (which is even more awesome than the first, but sorely needs a third installment because THE ENDING KILLED ME)

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                     t h a t  d e s t r o y  u s.

annie: i don’t [understand].
britta: you will.

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